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"If you have been feeling out of sorts, and not sure why, or you Do know why, but can't seem to get out of your 'stuff' - then Kate Millane can help you for sure.
With a big heart, a bigger laugh and a big boot up the bum when its needed, I love Kate and her work over the big moon and back
I have found Kate's insightful, gentle, yet no nonsense lets get to the REAL issue approach so refreshing and vital.
Even though I too help clients in a similar way, I occasionally also need someone to hold My hand as I turn my crap into fertilizer for new growth. And Kate does it for me.
I know she will help you too.
After working with Kate on some of my abundance and flow issues... my own clientele Doubled the very next week!
Her workbooks are a great tool to encourage that. Very easy to follow.
I really recommend it.

Louisa - Facebook Review

"It's been 24 hours and I'm still reeling from Kate's insight and how she guided me to start to see what's been blocking me. 💗💗💗🙏"

Lara-Marie - Facebook Review

"For anyone who feels they are going around in circles, or feels disconnected, feels they may be going crazy??!! This is the lady for you!!
She is warm, compassionate, funny, genuine and honest and I don't know how I managed before I met this lady!!
Kate helps me on a regular basis, it's like finding the missing pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, unlocking a door in your subconscious, having lots of 'lightbulb" moments, enjoying a cuppa and a chat with your best friend and much, much more!!! Thank you Kate, you have been so solid in your you commitment to me, I am so grateful our paths have crossed, and I love the flexibility and fun we have in our sessions!!! x"

Nikki - Facebook Review

"I worked with Kate in 2018 and found that I could not hide behind my excuses with her. She could see me for who I was, and who I was yet to realise. I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future. Love ya work Kate.!"

Alyssa - Facebook Review

"Stunning work by an amazing woman. Thanks so much Kate. You helped with me to clear what I'd lived with my whole life. You are truly remarkable. Thank you!"

Joanne - Facebook Review

"I met Kate earlier this year through work and instantly we connected. I was drawn to her energy and eventually through conversation found out about her work with Allineate. I got some news a couple of months ago about something that was presenting in my life that was hard to accept and understand. I worked myself into such a state I really needed someone to help me shift the perspective and Kate was there. The work I have done with her has not only helped me but it has opened up my whole world. She is incredible and I'm forever grateful for this journey."

Danielle - Facebook Review

"5 Star … I wish there was a 10 Star option ! When I think of Kate … I am left completely in awe with an expanded heart. The guidance, wisdom and healing power this gorgeous soul carries … is a gift. I traversed my way through some deeper shifts last year, finding myself in a place where I felt strong urge to seek guidance to heal, clear and move on. It’s not something I often do. Kates name came shining through and I knew I had to connect in an instant. Prior to our remote session, the only thing I shared with Kate was that I was seeking a general healing. Well … after our remote session, Kate shared what she saw and felt. I was left completely in awe of her accuracy. From my body to my heart … she felt the lot. I revisited her feedback for days. Her accuracy was mind blowing. Kate also conducted a healing session for my mum who was in rehab after a major heart operation. Kate was able to connect with my mum and picked up a disturbance around her. It turned out that Kate sensed the troubled patients who shared a room with my mum. Shortly after my mum was moved to another room and discharged within days. At least two weeks earlier than expected. Kate has a sweet and authentic soul who has a gift that can inspire and empower many to shift beyond illness to wellness. Compassionate, clear and truthful all in the name to bring out the best in the people she works with. I am thankful that I followed the strong nudge to connect with Kate. With her divine guidance, I leaped into a new space of wellness, a new dimension. I am altered in so many positive ways after our session and for knowing Kate. Forever thankful ! Xx With love and gratitude, Vicky B xox""

Vicky - Facebook Review